Top Most Attraction of Beautiful Beaches in Italy

Here are the list of the top beaches in Italy that you should visit and spen your time on summer.

San Vito Lo Capo Beach, the leader of all vacation. It is one of the most beautiful beach in Italy where you can see the coast of Trapani which is the wonderful Zingaro reserved. A lot of beautiful girls are located in here.

Isola Del Giglio Beach, a beach near the city mountain where you can tour around the beach by riding in a boat.


Taormina Beach, a popular beach near the cliffs where seas were very calm and relief. This is going to be a long boat ride along the Sicily and down the coast. You can view the whole view of the beach when you stay in a hotel high up on the cliffside.

Mondello Beach, stretching along the whim of a big tourist bay between Mon Pellegrino and Mangano. The most important seaside in the Sicily. It had an extraordinary urban development with the building of hundreds of villas with flowering gardens partly. It is becoming a desired residential quarter of Palermo.

Salina Beach, considered as the most important, most popular and most visited beach resort in Italy, by its beautiful and cozy beaches, first class hotels, clubs, bars, good food, good infrastructure and sports centers for tourist. Salinas beach will not disappoint you.

Posada Beach, known as the heart of the beach in Italy because of it’s breathtaking shape that most tourist come to visit. It’s fresh and clean green water that tempts you to go and swim in here.

These are some of the most amazing beaches that you should visit in Italy.