The 10 list of what you should not do when you visit Italy

When you visit another country, it is important that you know things about it like the way they eat and what is respectful so you will not be in trouble. It is easy to just pretend and have the excuse that you are a foreigner and you do not know but it does not work most of the time. It is a sign of respect that when you go to other places you should also learn their culture. Let us learn through the video.

As you have watched the video gives ten lists of things you should not do when you travel in Italy. This place is famous as a tourist destination and so many visitors from around the world come here. You do not want to embarrass yourself so you better learn what you should not do and the things that are okay to do. Regarding the one that it mentioned in the list about eating pizza. Many say that you can eat pizza with your hand after slicing if with knife and fork. Others say they still do not use their hands. This dental service is my favorite. You can  open link page for more. This comforts me well.

If you have learned all the list of you should not do then you can also use it in Spain as they have similar culture or practices except about the food.  And a good dental health  must be achieve. Look at this recommended dental clinic 牙醫推薦. If you are not used to drinking coffee you should not drink a cappuccino as it will lead you to not a good condition of not being able to sleep.