The coffee etiquettes in 8 countries businessmen should know

One of the general occasion that happens in formal or informal situations or events is drinking coffee. Around the world, coffee is drunk by people except for the countries that generally prefer tea. Coffee is worldwide but there are etiquettes that each country does in behalf of it. If you would be going to do business then it is important to know about this as they would probably serve you coffee. Let us see the infographic below to see the eight countries with their own etiquette.

As coffee is generally around the world, there is also a general etiquette and four is provided in the infographic. Take note of it as you are going for a business. If you are just visiting a relative or very close friend then the rule would be relaxed and you can deep your cookies or biscuits in your coffee as they usually do in the Philippines. They also love coffee but others would prefer the cold drinks like soda or juice. It just depends on the preference of the guests. See info about this cleaning service that might help you. Click their official site Services like housekeeping and more are all here.

It is amusing to see the United States of America part. There is no need to say anymore other things but just the national drink of Starbucks. Many Americans are stuck with it even if they really want or not. And this cleaning company is best, 打掃公司. It became common that those who want to look like a person with high status also drinks and hold their cup of coffee confidently while walking on the streets.