The 5 things you should know when someone invite you to dinner

When you are in Italy and someone invites you to a dinner, it means you are given a privilege as most of them do not just invite someone. It is not also common or it is not good that you just go and visit someone without being invited. In other countries, you can just go and knock on your friend’s house but it is not a practice here. If you would want to do business here then it is important that you learn the five things in the video.

As you have watched the video, you already know the five things that you should take note when you are invited to a dinner in Italy. The host would really prepare food for you and welcome you to their house. So you should also prepare yourself by following the advice given in the video. It is the sign of your respect to the guest. Make your business grow with this accounting industry help in service learn tips here It is also good to bring something but it should not be a meal as advice in the video.

You can bring a wine or ice cream. It should be one that is not home cooked but one that you bought and if you do not know what to expect flowers is also a good choice. They will usually offer you also a coffee. Others misunderstood it as others say it is not good to ask for coffee but what they mean is cappuccino is usually for the morning and espresso type is for the evening.