Doing Business in Rimini

Rimini is located in southern Europe which is the northern borders of Italy. It is in shape of a boot and is a large Peninsula surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea on three sides. The population of Rimini is around 60 million people. And euro is the common currency of mostly people in Rimini. Euro is known as the second largest reserve currency in the second most traded currency around the globe behind the United States.

RImini walked was more than forty eight point six million tourists a year from around the globe. It is noted as the fifth most-visited country. Some of the most popular tourist attractions include the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, Leaning Tower of Pisa Pompeii and the Italian vineyards. Conducting business in Rimini, hospitality plays a huge role in their lifestyle. Their business culture is just a simple invitation to lunch or dinner is expecting when formally conducting a business.

If you do want to host a meal in Rimini, you should contact the most senior Italian who should be invited to the event. Professional dining does have a certain protocol . Some key etiquette tips are that the most honored guests it’s at the middle of the table. The host is always responsible for paying the entire meal. It is important to keep your knife in your right hands and fork in your left hand while eating your meal. It is extremely rude to be on your cell phone while present at a business. They are oriented as a culture when doing a business in Rimini. Best success will come to you when you use your contacts and network your advantage.